Everdeen has a Hunger for success and she's not playing Games

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2012-04-06 15:30:00
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Fayetteville, NC recording artist Everdeen has a hunger for musical success and she's not playing games.

Understanding that the fight for recognition even within the local market can be a challenging melee to the end, she states, "what you put in, you get out, if you're not willing to go through the blood sweat and tears you're not gonna make it"

That's sound advice from the aspiring songwriter and vocalist who currently composes material not only for herself but also other local artist.

When asked if being a songwriter and vocalist gives her an advantage Everdeen said, "yes it does..not only do I get to compose the music but I get to perform it...that allows me to pull from deep within during performance."

EverdeenEverdeen is currently working on her upcoming EP. If you have heard and felt the passion actress Jodie Foster exudes when delivering her lines then you will appreciate the music and artistry that Everdeen surrenders when she approaches the microphone.

Her songs tell the tale of love found and love lost with an ample dosage of dramatic passion that will definitely leave you siding and rooting for her to find completeness within herself or "that man" who will do right by her. Her track,"my time to fly", secures the stability necessary to ensure that she will soar to a place of comfort within herself and her career.

With no desire to knock down, or discourage other artist, Everdeen still battles forward continuing to write, record and perform hit quality material, that will ensure her hunger in the music game is satisfied.

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